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House Selling 101: Five Tips for Selling Your Home

“Home for sale”
We usually see it on the streets, but out of a hundred for-sale houses, how many of them are bought?
Selling a home is not an easy job, it has a lot of UPs and a lot of DOWNs. Normally, selling your house can be hard at times, especially in situations like being in the middle of a pandemic.

Home selling can be frustrating especially if you’re doing the wrong things. But what can help your home be sellable? Here are five tips for selling your home by Monarch Property Management & Realty.

Tip #1: Make Sure Your House is Clean

If you plan on selling your home , it’s automatic that your home will be open for viewing. Buyers need to see your house in its best condition and making it clean plays a big role in that impression. Freshen up your house from floor to ceiling letting potential buyers move around the house and picture themselves living in that area.
Make sure that the furniture is well arranged and allows buyers to freely explore the living space. If possible, keep your items in a box and keep them aside while the house is being viewed by possible home buyers. If you do not have enough time to get things done on your own, professional cleaners can easily be hired and can help you get rid of clutter, before the viewing.

Tip #2: Examine the House for Repairs

Inspect your house for minor repairs that need to be done and can be done immediately. You can start by checking the:
  • Floor for broken tile pieces, cracks, or loose tiles. 
  • Stuck doors, drawers, or loose hinges on cabinets. 
  • Leaky faucets, toilets, or bathroom sinks.
  • Stains on the floor, walls, carpets, or furniture like couches and beds (if planning to sell the house with the furniture)
If you still have more time and a bigger budget, you can also check for major repairs like concerns with the roof or landscaping. Just make sure that the house is in excellent shape.

Tip #3: Inspect the House’s Exterior

Tip number 1 and 2 focuses on the house’s interior, but how about the exterior? Remember that the exterior makes the first impression and the first impressions, last. So, make sure you leave a good kind of impression.
You can choose to freshen up the exterior paint, replace the front door, clean the windows, or clean the front or back yard. If you have a porch, make sure the porch is cleaned and safe to walk on. If you have a garden or landscaping, make sure it is also maintained.

Tip #4: Price it Competitively

The market is competitive now. Extreme high prices can scare potential buyers away and prices that are unbelievably low make it look suspicious. Just price it fairly and according to the market. You can always compare prices and lower them by just a little for market advantage.
You can always price it correctly by considering other factors like the house’s location, age, or size.

Tip #5: Work with a Reliable Realtor

Experienced and professional real estate agents are knowledgeable about the market and can help you a lot in selling a property. A reliable real estate agent knows what to do and can help you with the entire process. They know what’s best for you and your property.

Monarch Property Management & Realty is one of the most dedicated and reliable realtors in Las Vegas. We are equipped with experience and training that can help you reach your real estate dreams. Call us today and let’s make your estate dreams come to life.

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