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Importance of Hiring an Agent Before Selling Your Home | Monarch

Should You Hire a Real Estate Agent Before Selling Your Home?

If you're thinking about selling your property, you might be wondering if you need to hire a real estate agent. After all, with all the information available online these days, it's easier than ever to sell your house without professional help. But is it really in your best interest to do it alone?Let's take a look at some of the reasons why hiring an experienced real estate agent could be the best...

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House Selling 101: Five Tips for Selling Your Home

“Home for sale” We usually see it on the streets, but out of a hundred for-sale houses, how many of them are bought?Selling a home is not an easy job, it has a lot of UPs and a lot of DOWNs. Normally, selling your house can be hard at times, especially in situations like being in the middle of a pandemic. Home selling can be frustrating especially if you’re doing the wrong things. But what can help...

What Influences Your House Resale Value | Monarch Property

Here Are 5 Factors That Influence a House Resale Value

The shift in the prices of properties in Nevada is noticeable, as it increases together with the demand for homes in the state. There is no certain answer but it is believed that properties and the industry will soon be stable. And of course, if you are selling your home you want to know what affects its resale value. Indeed people need somewhere to live, but they also see houses as something they want...

House Buying 101 Featured Image | Monarch Property Management

House Buying 101: An Advice From the Top Realtors in Las Vegas

Amidst the challenges faced by the real estate market due to the pandemic, this industry in Las Vegas showed positive results for 2021 onwards. More first-time buyers and seasoned investors look into these properties.This blog from Monarch Property Management & Realty, a leading property management company in Las Vegas, aims to help the first time home buyers. We listed the top considerations you need...

How to Prepare Your House for Sale | Monarch Property Management & Realty

How to Prepare Your House for Sale

Selling your home? Without doubt, like all other sellers, you want it to sell fast and for a great profit. But, selling your home in its current state might not be enough to attract good offers from buyers. One of the first and important steps in selling a home is careful planning and preparing your home. Read on to know how to prepare your house to instantly receive offers. 1. Identify and perform...

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